Peekio. For everyone.
We believe in collaboration and teamwork. Combined efforts and shared knowledge is what drives a project to its full potential.

Small beginnings, big ideas.

Peekio's journey began in 2015 when Pikalugia, a newcomer to game development, aimed to establish a brand for his projects. He brainstormed and swiftly came up with a catchy name. In just 10 days, he had not only a name but also a rough logo sketched out. This marked the birth of Penguin Palace, which debuted in beta as part of the Peekio brand and gained rapid popularity. Peekio's early creative drive set the stage for its future success.

Peekio's core values

At Peekio, we're all about quality and user engagement. If players don't like something, we listen to them. Having an active community that judges our work helps us make things better. We believe that the best way to learn is by trial and error.

The Peekio Team is really passionate about making games we'd love to play ourselves. We put our hearts into our creative projects. We also believe in working together as a team. When we join forces, combine our efforts, and share our knowledge, we can make projects reach their full potential.

That's why at Peekio, we're a team that shares responsibilities equally. Each project under Peekio has its own identity and independence. We give our team members the freedom to create exciting new experiences while bringing in their different perspectives.

Come make some Peekio with us

Peekio has quickly evolved into a team of passionate developers and artists working on various projects under the Peekio brand. Looking to boost your project or brand? Discover what we're up to and join the fun!

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