Peekio. For everyone.
We believe in collaboration and teamwork. Combined efforts and shared knowledge is what drives a project to its full potential.

Small beginnings, big ideas.

Peekio's story starts in 2015. Pikalugia just got into game development and wanted to create a brand for the projects to go by. He came up with a catchy name and got to work immediately. Just 10 days later with a name and sketched logo, Penguin Palace entered beta under the Peekio brand and it quickly caught on. It didn't take long until Theodor got involved, and has been a part of the team ever since. Peekio's early creative spirit paved the way for its future.

Peekio's core values

Peekio stands for quality and user engagement. If the players dislike something - we listen. Having an active community that judges your work ultimately ends you up with higher quality work. The best knowledge comes from trial and error. The Peekio Team is passionate about developing what we'd love to play ourselves. We're putting our heart and love into our creative projects.

We firmly believe in collaboration and teamwork. By joining forces, combining efforts and sharing knowledge we can truly drive a project into its full potential. That's why Peekio is a shared team with equal roles. Each project under the Peekio umbrella has its own identity and independence. We grant our team members the full freedom to create awesome new experiences while bringing their diverse perspectives to life.

Our Team

Peekio has quickly evolved into a team of passionate developers and artists creating projects under the Peekio umbrella. Check out what it's all about and get involved!

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