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Welcome to Stallion Squad!

Stallion Squad is a massively-multiplayer openworld game in development by Peekio. Stallion Squad is planning to release on Steam. Want to get involved? Purchase the beta package by clicking here.

Explore the huuuge worlds!

Stallion Squad is all about exploration! Venture out in the massive open world - gather resources, find treasure, fight powerful creatures, get farming and build a base!

Loot and shoot!

Fight powerful creatures, friends and foes using weapons obtained through gameplay and what you've crafted using your resources.

Play with friends!

Join or host a server using Steam Multiplayer with friends and family and explore what Stallion Squad has to offer together! Double the squad, double the fun!

Get Stallion Squad for Steam now!

Okay that's cool but...

There are three ways to get Stallion Squad beta access:

1. Purchasing Stallion Squad Beta Access on the Peekio Store. Click here to visit.
2. Getting chosen to be a tester based on your contribution towards the community.
3. Joining giveaways for keys on our social media pages and Discord server.

You should've recieved the code on e-mail. Check spam folders. If not; send an e-mail to and the staff team will make sure to verify the purchase and get the code delivered to you.

1. Open up Steam, go to the toolbar in the top right and click "Games", then hit "Activate a Product on Steam..."
2. You'll be shown an activation code prompt. Type in the code you were given.
3. Then you should have gotten Stallion Squad added to your library.