A New Look

April 5, 2024

Hey Stallion Squad!

On behalf of team Peekio I'm stoked to announce that Stallion Squad is getting a major art style overhaul! The aim for this project is to give the game a burst of vibrant colors and playful energy.

And get this - this isn't just your ordinary cosmetic touch-up. We're revamping the entire visual experience, bringing environments and characters to life with richer details and charm! All details are being revisited, with some assets dating back to the very first beta release of Stallion Squad.

These new visuals were created by maidolee, our amazing UI/UX and art designer here at team Peekio!

Have a look!

Our new logo boldly proclaims "Stallion Squad" in all caps, using a typeface with a charming, hand-drawn aesthetic.

The new game icon showcases a minimalist, vibrantly colored Horseman with a clean white outline and a subtle drop shadow, creating a striking and modern look.

Ditching the sharp edges, the in-game text adopts a new, playful typeface with softer lines for a more lighthearted feel.

In addition to bringing you a wave of new in-game and social media assets, we're also revisiting some of our classics for a refresh! Our iconic Horseman is getting a bit of a makeover, sporting a cleaner, flat and more streamlined look. We're even considering tweaks to his 3D model to ramp up his expressiveness. What do you think? We'd love to hear your feedback on that idea!

But... why?

The new art style reflects the playful spirit of Stallion Squad, making the game more engaging and visually appealing for a wider audience. We're actively looking for feedback, so let us know what you think about the changes and how we could improve it.


That's all for now, folks! Lots of exciting things happening behind the scenes, and we can't wait to share more.

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See ya!