Guide to Horsecoins and Drop Chests

March 13, 2022

In Stallion Squad there are several ways to earn items.

In this guide we're going to touch upon two of these ways - Horsecoins and Drop Chests.

What are Horsecoins?

Horsecoins are Stallion Squad's main currency and can be spent in the Item Shop to purchase clothing items for your character and blueprints (recipes to make props). In-game items such as Wood, Stone and Iron can not be purchased with Horsecoins. The items sold in the Item Shop rotate in and out. What you see in the shop one day might not be there the other. Horsecoins are untradeable.

How do I earn Horsecoins?

Horsecoins can be earned through regular gameplay. You can earn up to 15 Horsecoins every day. You'll earn the Horsecoins in waves, 5 Horsecoins every 20 minutes (a total of 60 minutes for all 15 Horsecoins). These minutes do not need to be contiguous.

20 minutes of playtime: 5 Horsecoins
40 minutes of playtime: 10 Horsecoins
60 minutes of playtime: 15 Horsecoins

Come back each day to earn even more!

Optionally Horsecoins may also be purchased for real-money via Steam.

What are Drop Chests?

Drop Chests are RNG-containers that give you a random tier of cosmetic item based on a set of parameters and percentages. You can access the Drop Chest from the Lobby in-game. Both Drop Chests and Drop Keys can be traded on the Steam Marketplace.

How do I earn Drop Chests?

Each week you'll have a chance of either obtaining a Drop Chest (75%) or a Drop Key (25%). You need both a Drop Chest and a Drop Key in order to open the Drop Chest.

Optionally Drop Keys may also be purchased for real-money via Steam, but Drop Chests can only be earned through regular gameplay.