Norway's National Day Event

May 15, 2022

Hi Stallion Squad!

We're excited to bring the 17th of May festivites to Stallion Squad. But what's better than 24 hours? 168 hours of course! That's right, this event is going on for an entire week! We've also pushed out an update today, Beta v24.2, with a bunch of fixes and small additions.

For a limited time starting today the 15th until the 22nd of May 2022 you'll be able to purchase the Norway Flag, Norwegian Horse Mask and Norway Tee in the Item Shop.


Also - for a limited time - enjoy double Horsecoins rewards until the 22nd of May 2022! Instead of earning 15 Horsecoins a day, you can now earn 30! The rates have been adjusted to the following:

20 minutes of playtime: 10 Horsecoins
40 minutes of playtime: 20 Horsecoins
60 minutes of playtime: 30 Horsecoins

From the whole Peekio team we wish you a happy 17th of May if you celebrate it! If not we hope you have a fantastic day regardless!

Gratulerer med dagen! (Happy Birthday!)