What's going on?

October 16, 2023

In the fast-paced world of video game development, fans eagerly await updates and news about their favorite projects. We acknowledge that there has been an absence of communication and updates, especially from Stallion Squad. In this blog post, we aim to shed light on the reasons behind the lack of communication and giving you a look at the innovation, collaboration, and creativity propelling us forward.

Exciting News at Peekio: Welcoming Maido and cpag to the Team!

On behalf of Peekio I am thrilled to announce the latest additions to our growing family. Join us in welcoming Maido from Estonia 🇪🇪, a seasoned UI/UX designer, and cpag from Norway 🇳🇴, a talented developer, as they saddle up to ride alongside the Peekio Team.

Maido brings a wealth of creativity and design expertise to the table, ensuring that Peekio's projects not only function well but is also aesthetically pleasing. Maido has previously worked with Studio Powerful creating concepts for Stellaria (Pixel Planet). With a keen eye for detail and a passion for creating visually stunning user experiences, Maido is set to elevate the design game at Peekio.

On the development front, cpag's coding experience adds a new dimension to our capabilities. His skills will undoubtedly play a big role in shaping the technological backbone of Peekio's projects. With cpag on board, Peekio is geared up to tackle even more ambitious tasks and projects. In addition to being a Windows user, cpag also works on Mac which means we'll now be able to provide better support for Mac users.

Looking ahead, Peekio is directing its focus toward Stallion Squad. With Maido's artistic skills and cpag's technical expertise, the Peekio Team is all in to take Stallion Squad to the next level.

It was an ambitious project...

Stallion Squad initially started small but quickly grew into an ambitious project, with a lot of promises. Such aspirations often translate into complex development processes. As we dove deeper into development, we realized we've hit a roadblock. The original idea for the game simply did not cut it. We were not happy with how the product were turning out - and we went back to the drawing board.

We realized as we went along that Stallion Squad solely as a Survival game would fundamentally be a bad idea, for various reasons. We were basically developing the exact same mechanics other Survival games have done for decades now. We felt that Stallion Squad lacked a sense of character. Sure, we had a silly Horseman character that explored these huge worlds, but would that really differentiate our game from the hundreds, if not thousands, of other Survival games out there? We needed to stick out, and that’s when we realized it was time to go back to the drawing board.

Also – let’s not forget how large of an undertaking a Survival game truly is. The initial plan just didn’t seem realistic anymore. It lost its sense of purpose. We really got a new perspective on Stallion Squad – for better or for worse. It was honestly quite a distressing realization, as we knew we needed to overhaul the game from the ground up and take the project in a new direction.

We get it, it might raise some eyebrows, but rest assured, we're making moves to ensure Stallion Squad becomes a reality in the truest sense.

Err... so what's next then?

Stallion Squad is undergoing a strategic shift in its focus. Moving beyond the exclusive emphasis on Survival, we are now expanding to include a variety of gamemodes, each with distinct goals. We want to ensure the game remains engaging and offers long-term replay value.

Now that our team is growing, we're taking measures internally for new routines. This includes moving all of the Stallion Squad source code to a git repository so team members can more easily push and pull changes made to the game. We're also using visual tools for managing the project, workflow, tracking and task assignment. These are all positive changes that will help us during the development process.

A few months ago, we showed off a new gamemode selector concept on our YouTube channel. This will be a key component that aligns with Stallion Squad's evolving direction.

We're also looking into re-introducing Steam Workshop support which can make use of the Gamemode Selector. The idea is to let users create gamemodes that can be featured inside of this user interface but it's just an idea for now.

To give you more insight into what route we're going, here is a list we've put together. Stallion Squad will be following these core fundamental values during development. These are features we're 100% sure will be present for launch:

  1. Clothing Customization
    Express your Stallion Squad style with an extensive wardrobe. Mix and match outfits and accessories. Hats, horse masks, eyewear, shirts, pants, shoes - it's all there. You can even customize your player title!
  2. Minigames and Gamemodes
    Challenge friends or join random players in a series of fun gamemodes and competitive minigames. These will offer you the chance to showcase your Stallion Squad skills and earn in-game currency.
  3. Housing / Custom World
    Every Stallion needs a stable! Players can customize their virtual world with furniture and accessories. Invite friends over for virtual parties or host exclusive Stallion Squad gatherings in your personalized place.
  4. Item Shop and Currency
    An in-game marketplace filled with themed clothing, props and exclusive limited-time items. Earn in-game currency by participating in events, completing challenges, or winning minigames to splurge on your favorite items.
  5. Social Hub
    Hang out in the bustling social hub where players from around the world converge. Chat, dance, and engage in friendly competitions. Form squads with fellow Stallions and embark on collaborative adventures.
  6. Community Challenges and Seasonal Events
    Participate in weekly or monthly community challenges to unlock rare and limited-time prizes. Show off your Stallion Squad prowess and earn bragging rights within the Stallion community.

Thanks to the community we have a great idea of which gamemodes our players would like to see ranging from dungeon crawlers to tycoons.

We're listening and we're always taking suggestions for what the community would like to see in Stallion Squad. If you have an idea you'd like to share with us, come join us over on Discord and head to the #suggestions channel.

You get a reward - and you get a reward!

Everyone who currently owns a copy of Stallion Squad (from purchasing it on the Peekio Store, giveaways or other means) will be awarded an Alpha Hat.

The Beta Celebration Event will still be on-going once Stallion Squad releases on Steam and players will still be eligible to earn the Beta Hat, Beta Balloons and Beta Tester title. Details on how players will be able to earn these rewards will be detailed closer to release. Only the Alpha Hat will be exclusive to players who owned the game prior to the Steam release.

Speaking on exclusivity, there has been a bunch of items awarded to Closed Beta users over the years. Here is a list of all items that will stay exclusive:

  • 2020 Glasses
  • 2021 Glasses
  • 2022 Glasses
  • 2023 Glasses
  • Alpha Hat

These are the only items that will stay exclusive, and new players may choose to trade with others or purchase them from the Steam Marketplace. Other event items released during Closed Beta may return in the future via new events, drops or purchaseable through the Item Shop.

Communication is key

We will be keeping up to speed with everything around Stallion Squad's development coming forward. By joining our Discord community, you'll get an exclusive, behind-the-scenes peek(io) at what we're working on, beyond the exciting announcements featured in blog posts like this one.

In the Music Department...

We're thrilled to announce that Cold Soul is officially joining Peekio Records as our second confirmed artist. Get ready for a musical journey of melodic rap.

He's no stranger to the Peekio family, having collaborated with us in the past, his music found a home in the Stallion Squad radio. Now, together with Peekio, Cold Soul's music will be taken to a whole new level. I heard there's a new album around the corner... 

Find Cold Soul on Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud and Apple Music. 🔥

Welcome to the Peekio Records family, Cold Soul!

In other news, our artist bluecloud has surpassed 1,000 streams on both his singles "hugs" and "luminary". Two huge milestones in one week, big moves! 💫 We congratulate him on this exciting achievement and we're committed to keep supporting the many tracks in the bluecloud catalog.