March 19, 2022


🗺️ Introducing Biomes:

Our previous beta was the start of something much bigger. With Beta v24 we're happy to announce that Biomes finally make its way into Stallion Squad. This has been a highly requested feature since the very beginning and it's finally here to shake things up. In this update you'll get to experience a total of six new biomes - Grasslands, Birch Forest, Cherry Grove, Desert, Snowy Peaks and Dead Forest. Each biome comes with their own set of resources, wildlife and loot - just waiting to be explored!

⚙️ Create new items with new machinery:

More ways to craft items are added in Beta v24 - the Mortar, Cauldron and Well! The Mortar is used to grind resources into new items. The Cauldron is used to create drinks and potions. The Well is used to fill buckets with water.

⚡ Upgrade your character with Skill Points:

Earn Skill Points by levelling up and spend them to upgrade stats on your character. Health increases the maximum health and speeds up health regeneration. Strength increases base damage. Luck increases the chance to hit critical damage. Agility increases critical damage and your defense. Intelligence increases damage to ore veins and trees when gathering resources. We plan to add more ways to upgrade your character in the future.

🧟 Zombies are back for trouble!

In Beta v24 we're adding back Zombies. You can find them located at various Zombie Camps. They usually spawn in groups up to 3 so be careful and make sure you're well prepared! Fighting them is a risk - but with a high reward! The loot-tables has been updated and you'll now have a chance of getting new items such as Experience Potions and Ancient Knowledge!

🎁 Play and earn awesome rewards:

As we wrote in our previous blog posts, Beta v24 brings new ways to earn free rewards by playing Stallion Squad. We're introducing Drop Chests in Beta v24 that act as RNG-containers. By opening them you'll recieve a random tier of cosmetic item based on a set of parameters and percentages. We're also adding a way to earn Horsecoins for simply playing the game. For more information: Read the full article here where we go in depth.

🇺🇦 Peekio is crowdfunding to support relief efforts in Ukraine:

In case you missed it: Peekio is hosting a crowdfunding to support relief efforts in Ukraine. By donating 5 USD you'll recieve two Stallion Squad exclusive cosmetics as a thank-you. "I Stand with Ukraine Tee" and "Pray for Ukraine Tee". Wear them to show your solidarity! Interested? For more information: Read the full article and donate here.



  • Six new biomes have been added: Grasslands, Birch Forest, Cherry Grove, Desert, Snowy Peaks and Dead Forest.
  • Monuments (random structures with loot) have been added.
  • Quests are back and reworked, play through the questline and earn XP!
  • Added over 50+ new items and recipes to earn in the game.
  • Added Mortar to grind resources into new items.
  • Added Cauldron to create drinks and potions.
  • Added Well to fill buckets with water.
  • Added Targets to test long-range weapons. *wink wink*
  • Added Drop Chests and Drop Keys.
  • Added small (100 XP) and large (500 XP) Experience Potions.
  • Crouching is back by popular demand!
  • You can now combo attacks up to three times with a sword.
  • Mobs now have a chance of spawning with a higher tier weapon.
  • Mobs will now drop their weapon upon defeat.
  • Added a mini-map (Still work in progress).
  • Added lumps of snow at the top of mountains.
  • Added lumps of sand at beaches.
  • You can now find your Steam props in the crafting menu.
  • You'll now earn two Skill Points for every level up.
  • Locked Chests can be found randomly across the world.
  • Tweaks to the amount of XP needed to level up.
  • Amount of Wood earnt from a tree has been increased.
  • Loot-tables for Zombies has been tweaked.
  • The time it takes to get hungry has been tweaked.

UI and UX:

  • New tabs have been added to the Inventory where you can access Quests, Map and Skills.
  • Added a new Respawn button in the pause menu.
  • The horse in the Item Shop and Locker will now rotate 180 degrees when looking at back-cosmetics.
  • XP-bar has returned back above the health- and hunger bar.
  • The compass has returned to the HUD.
  • You can now hover over items in your Locker to see name, type and rarity.
  • The Locker has gotten a face-lift and looks visually more appealing.
  • Added reminder to update Stallion Squad if on an old version.

Art and Music:

  • Added new music to the radio by bluecloud: alarm clock
  • Added sounds for spawning players and mobs.
  • Polished the textures on builds.
  • Player and mobs will now ragdoll upon defeat.
  • Fixed a graphical issue with shirts.
  • Added smooth pop-in on render distance for foliage.
  • Added Zolve's sponsored item: Zolve's Soundbox
  • Added rewards for the 2022 New Years event
  • Added rewards for the Ukraine crowdfunding event


  • Level Streaming has been implemented to only load parts of the world where the character is located.
  • Upon death the player will now immediately be destroyed.
  • Added fog distance.
  • Added level of detail to trees and other foliage to optimize long-distance viewing.
  • Tweaked light maps on foliage such as flowers and grass.


  • You can now hit F3 to bring up a debug menu.
  • You can now link your Peekio Connect account to Steam.
  • You now need an active internet or Steam connection to use the Item Shop.
  • Peekio API has been updated with a new URL - More at https://peekio.no/api/

Bug Fixes

  • ✅ Fixed: Wooden Club has broken damage, needs nerf.
  • ✅ Fixed: Issue causing in-game background music loops to play in the lobby.
  • ✅ Fixed: Item Shop descriptions are affected by Steam formatting.
  • ✅ Fixed: Destroyed instanced components like trees appear for new players or players relogging.
  • ✅ Fixed: Chests are invisible when placed.
  • ✅ Fixed: Angel Wings disappear when viewed at a certain angle.
  • ✅ Fixed: There is no sound when hovering over and clicking buttons in the Locker.
  • ✅ Fixed: Infinite loop issue that eats up memory.
  • ✅ Fixed: Visual glitch when walking and using the Explorer's Bag
  • ✅ Fixed: Graphical issue causes the game to sometimes not play underwater effects.
  • ✅ Fixed: Camera doesn't change when changing tabs in the Lobby.
  • ✅ Fixed: In-app purchase links are broken.
  • ✅ Fixed: Able to open the pause menu inside the inventory.
  • ✅ Fixed: Lag spikes occur when changing tabs in the Lobby.
  • ✅ Fixed: Chance of seeing another player in your Inventory upon defeat.
  • ✅ Fixed: Grass could generate in places its not supposed to (like underwater).
  • ✅ Fixed: Small lag spike after picking up items.
  • ✅ Fixed: Having over 1000 XP breaks the counter and bar.
  • ✅ Fixed: Listening to music before defeat will cause music to duplicate.

You can track bugs and other issues on our trello board.